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Managing Pet Loss & Bereavement

There is Help in Difficult Times . . .


For some people, the death of their beloved pet or companion animal can be an overwhelming emotional time.  While family or close friends can be supportive, not everyone truly understands the pain and intense grief associated with losing such a beloved animal.  Many people who experience this intense grief over a deceased pet, do so quietly out of fear of other people's disapproving reactions.  "It's only a pet" and "You can always get another one" are statements which, although attempting to be comforting and supportive, fail to recognize the deep emotional bond that some people have with their companion animals.  In recent years, there has been much more attention paid to the topic of pet loss and bereavement.  One can now find several books written on the subject of grieving our pets, websites which provide information and an opportunity for memorializing one's beloved pet, chat rooms and other resources for gaining help and support, local area support groups, and individual counselors trained in pet loss and bereavement issues.  There is now help in these difficult times.

The primary purpose of pet loss counseling and support is to provide information and emotional support to pet owners who have experienced, or who are anticipating, the death of their pet or companion animal.  It is my hope that this website provides some basic resources to assist you through that difficult experience.  If you are someone who has experienced this tremendous loss, I hope you find answers and comfort here.  If you know of someone who has experienced this kind of loss, I hope you gain some understanding from these pages that will help you show your support in caring and helpful ways.

Pet Loss Support Video Playlist

My Pet Loss and Bereavement Video Playlist

• Pet Loss & Bereavement Services & Support     • Grieving the Loss of a Beloved Pet
• Pet Loss Support - Introduction     • The Grief Experience     Coping with the Loss    
Helping Those Who Grieve     • Pet Loss and Children     • Pet Loss and the Elderly  
Letting Go & Saying Good-bye     •  Choosing Euthanasia
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